Small steps to a “Brighter” Future

July 13, 2010 by admin  
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Starting August 1st Ikea will begin to phase out Incandescent light bulbs in an effort to encourage the use of more energy efficient lighting alternatives. Brazil, Venezuela, the European Union, Switzerland, and Australia have already begun this phase out and the United States is not far behind.  The federal government enacted the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 which requires all general purpose light bulbs that produce 310-2600 lumens of light be 30% more efficient than current incandescent light bulbs by 2010.

Ikea, the multipurpose home retailer, has become an active participant in this “lighting revolution”. They offer a wide range of alternatives such as Compact Florescent bulbs (Which have become the most popular bulb), a range of LED lamps which are 70% more efficient than incandescent, Halogen lamps which are great for “White lighting” and consume 30% less energy, and even a halogen bulb which can be used in a standard light socket (the retro-fit halogen bulb).
These new lighting options have a longer lifetime and use a significant amount less energy than the commonly accepted incandescent.

I see this phase out as a huge step towards a greener future. While in retrospect it seems small, what with this massive oil spill in the Gulf, or the millions of tons of pollution being leaked into our atmosphere by mega factories, but if you think about how many incandescent light bulbs are being used all day long all around the world, we are not talking about a small scale change. This is HUGE!!!! Become apart of it. Switch out your incandescent bulbs and replace them with CFL’s. You will not only decrease the amount of money spent on lighting your home, but you will be responsible for creating a greener earth.